Reading Buses Drives Compliance Innovation with Freeway Ticketer Integration

London, 15 May 2019 – Reading Buses is the first operator to take advantage of a new technical innovation that sees bus drivers using ticket machines to enter their vehicle inspection reports. The result of integration between system suppliers Ticketer and Freeway, Reading Buses see the link as an important step in managing the fleet and in particular compliance.

On entry by the driver, the inspection data updates the central fleet maintenance system in real-time, eliminating subsequent manual data entry of reports.  With data being received automatically from Ticketer’s in vehicle machines, defects are immediately flagged on Freeway for appropriate action such as the immediate scheduling of repairs to critical defects.

“Although there are smartphone apps for pre-check inspections, we were concerned about extending the use of mobile devices to drivers when they already had a data entry terminal for ticketing,” says John Bickerton, Head of Engineering and Innovation, Reading Buses.

“With Freeway now able to receive inspection data wirelessly from the ticket machines, we will no longer have the administrative burden of reviewing defect cards manually.  We have instant, accurate data on the system before the bus departs the depot.  It means we can improve workshop scheduling and deal immediately with any issues,with minimum disruption to operations,” adds Bickerton.

Freeway are well aware of the benefits of immediate digital capture, having pioneered smartphone based solutions for driver first-use checks. 

“Although a smartphone solution is really easy to configure and use, we realise that there are very real budgetary, technical and in some cases legal constraints to providing each driver with a personal mobile device. Integrating with Ticketer was first suggested by Reading Buses and we are pleased to have them on board as the first to utilise the solution,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway Fleet Systems.


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